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FAQ - Fast Driving School

Most often, people have a lot of questions dealing with professional and responsible driving. Here are some of the frequently asked questions that you might also have in mind:

Is it too expensive to take a driving course?

With Fast Driving School, you can have the best quality for less. All our courses are reasonably priced so as to cater individuals who have already set a budget. Although ours may not be the cheapest but you can definitely have the best value for all the services that we offer.

How soon can I start taking the driving lessons?

You can start at any time that is perfect for your schedule. We understand that you may have a lot of things to attend to. That is why we have always made ourselves available to help you with your needs. You can start taking the lessons as soon as practicable. Just simply call us at 0203-322-44-34 for more details.

Are you fully licensed and certified to give driving lessons?

Yes, we are. We have been teaching London to drive for several years already and are very effective in producing a great number of responsible drivers. Our instructors are highly knowledgeable and experienced to teach and train learners. With us, you will never have to worry about anything else because you will always have an assured and safe driving for life.

How many lessons do I have to take?

The number of hours and the driving courses that you should take depends on your status as a learner. If you are a beginner, then definitely you will have long hours of training before you can actually take the test. The instructors will evaluate you on your performance and assess on how many lessons and hours do you need to take before you will proceed to the next step.

What lessons do I need to take if I already have experience?

If you already have an experience, then you will not be taking the same lessons as that of the beginners. You will be assessed by the instructors on how much knowledge and skills you have in driving. They will make a recommendation based on their assessment on how many lessons do you still have to take.

Do I still need to take the lessons even if I already have a license in another country?

You still need to take a practical test in order for you to be licensed to drive in London. We suggest that you have to take the lessons in order for you to get used to the roads and rules. Our rules may be different from that of other countries. That is why it would be best for you to take the lessons before taking the tests to get the license.

How long does each session last?

In the average, each session lasts for an hour. But we recommend you to take the lessons in 2 hours in order for you master the rules as well as the road in the shortest time possible. In no time, you would be able to obtain the license that you have always longed for.

Driving is indeed a necessity. Why wait when you can already start right now? Call us at 0203-322-44-34 to start your lessons and be able to drive the roads of London effectively.