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HOW TO PASS TEST - Fast Driving School

Passing the test in as easy as 1-2-3

Driving is a great privilege that is given to every citizen here in London. It is a great opportunity that is packed with great responsibility. That is why in order to ensure that you would be able to drive responsibly and safely, the authorities have set a standard for you to take and pass before getting the actual license to drive. Sounds challenging? Well, it is truly difficult for others who have not taken lessons with Fast Driving School. But when you have trained with our highly qualified instructors, then passing the test is quite simple. You can always be at your best and be confident when you have us at your side. Just give us a ring at 0203-322-44-34 if you really want to pass the driving test 100%.

Best tips to pass your driving test

If you really want to pass your driving test, you have to consider a lot of things. First, you would be able to drive without making any serious or dangerous faults. Second, within 40 minutes, you should not make more than 15 minor faults. Finally, you should also be able to complete several manoeuvers as required. If you can do all of these, then you have just passed the test. How are you going to do these? Here are some important tips and reminders for you:

  • Practice and learn how to drive with London's best driving school, Fast Driving School.
  • Familiarise the streets that you are going to take. Mark the test routes, most especially the difficult ones. You should be able to devise a perfect strategy to deal with these routes effectively.
  • Practice the different manoeuvers well. As much as possible, do it without committing minor faults. By being able to practice these manoeuvers well, you would certainly commit lesser to no mistakes during the day of the test.
  • Like they always say, practice makes perfect. But it would be best to practice with Fast Driving School's professional driving instructor. Try your best to drive without much verbal or physical intervention from your instructor to be effective.
  • During the day of the test, do a simple warm up. Be confident and always think positive. Just do it smoothly at the best way you can. And remember to always keep your eyes and focus on the road.

If you need more help and advice in passing the test, just feel free to give us a call at 0203-322-44-34. Our team of experts are very much happy to be of any help to you.

Common mistakes that you should be aware of

If you want to be an effective driver and you want to pass the test, you have to take note of the following common mistakes that most people commit:

  • Ineffective observation at junctions
  • Lack of accuracy in reverse parking
  • Ineffective use of mirrors by not checking or acting appropriately based on information
  • Unsuccessful reversing round a corner
  • Incorrect use of signals that are quite misleading
  • Improper road positioning
  • Incorrect position to turn right
  • Lack of steering control
  • Inappropriate speed, usually travelling too slow with much hesitation

If you do not want to commit the same mistakes, learn how to drive effectively only with Fast Driving School. Contact us today at 0203-322-44-34 for more information about our driving courses and other services that we have to offer.