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What we are most known for:

Fast Driving School is a widely known Fast Driving School in London offering various services and driving courses that are certainly second to none. We have an impeccable reputation that is truly unmatched because of our experience and our capability to produce a great number of good and responsible drivers. That is why if you really want to learn driving at the highest possible standards, have it only with our team. Here are the driving courses that we offer:

  • Beginner Course
  • Intensive Driving Course
  • Intermediate Course
  • Advanced Course
  • Pass Plus
  • Refresher Course
  • Automatic Lessons

Should you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. Just contact us at 0203-322-44-34 and know the perfect lesson that is just right for you.

Beginner Course

At Fast Driving School, we offer specialised lessons to people who have no experience or have never tried driving before. Our professional driving instructor will personally assess on how much lessons you need to take and how often do you need to do it. Based on your performance, they will make a recommendation whether you are now ready to pass the test.

This course usually varies from one person to another. The flow of the lessons is dependent on the person's capacity to drive. If one cannot master the important driving manoeuvers in the average time, this course would surely be prolonged.

We always aim to produce excellent drivers who are truly responsible in taking the road's challenge. That is why we exhaust all possible measures just to ensure that our learners are 100% ready to take and pass the test. Do you consider yourself as a beginner who has little or no experience at all in driving? This course is just right for you. Contact us at 0203-322-44-34 for more details on how and when you can start your lessons with us.

Intensive Driving Course

This kind of driving course is really perfect for persons who are too busy and have time constraints to take the lessons or in a hurry to experience driving. We specifically tailor this type of driving requirement because we understand that not everyone has the full control of their time and that they really need to take this course by hook or by crook.

At Fast Driving School, we find ways to suit our lessons to your individual needs. That is why no matter how busy you are or how eager to drive, we have just the right driving course for you. For more information about the specifications of this course, please do give us a call at 0203-322-44-34. We would be very much happy to help you on your very needs.

Intermediate Course

If you already have a little background in driving but is still not sufficient and quite weak, then this is just the right driving course for you. There are reasonable standards that need to be reached in driving. Thus, we offer this lesson to enhance what you have known.

Each person is professionally assessed on how much lessons you need to take based on your performance. In the same way, if our instructors think that you are ready, then they will also make a recommendation for you to take the next steps towards efficient driving.

This course aims you to be well practiced and highly knowledgeable of the dos and don'ts of driving. If you think that this course suits your requirements perfectly, then call us today at 0203-322-44-34.

Advanced Course

If you are neither a beginner nor someone with little knowledge in driving, then you must be an advanced learner already. You might have a fair experience to drive and definitely have developed confidence in doing the same.

Our team of professional instructors will assess you based on your performance and makes a recommendation on what steps you need to take. We cater this kind of requirement on the belief that each person has different and varying needs. Thus, if you think you are a more advanced and experienced learner, then this is just the right course for you. Contact us at 0203-322-44-34 and get in touch with our experts.

Pass Plus

This course is one of the known and established training courses in London that is specifically tailored to help new drivers who have just passed their test within a year. Based on statistics, new drivers have the tendency to meet accidents in their first two years after passing the test. That is why we, at Fast Driving School, cater this kind of need to help new drivers be more efficient in driving.

Developing more skills in driving and helping you to drive safely and efficiently is our aim. If you need help on your first year of driving, we are just here to help you. Give us a call at 0203-322-44-34 and learn more about our driving courses.

Refresher Course

There are times that a driver remains idle for a period of time and was not able to drive for a while. Thus, we at Fast Driving School, offer this refresher course to drivers who already have a valid driving license but were not able to practice it for quite some time.

We can help you get back behind the wheel and handle driving efficiently and safely just the way you did it before and much better. With us, you will never have to worry about anything else. Get in touch with our team by simply calling us at 0203-322-44-34. We would be very happy to help you.

Automatic Lessons

This is a specialised driving course for people who have a difficulty getting to grips with the manual gearbox. We understand that not everyone gets along with the mechanism of pushing the clutch and changing the gear while focusing on the road. That is why if you have the same kind of difficulty that we have mentioned, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 0203-322-44-34. We will professionally deal this matter for you.